The Importance of Lighting


When thinking about lighting in our homes we put a lot of consideration to the different types of lighting. There are many light sources that come into play, Including Natural light, overhead lighting and task lighting.

We should not neglect our working environments and when it comes to our working areas at home-lighting in our home office space is just as important as the lighting in a commercial office.

Effective lighting should nit be underestimated and can have great benefits to productivity and health these include. 

  • Reduce fatigue and headaches
  • Minimise eye strain and discomfort
  • Increase mood
  • Motivate and encourage productivity

    Here are some of the most important benefits of good lighting in an office setting and some simple and clever ways that you can replicate this in your own home. Whether it is a cosy corner of your kitchen or a custom made home office we don’t want to leave any area out!

    Natural Lighting-

    Believe it or not, natural light is the most important type of light in an office, however, a combination of natural and artificial are ideal. Even in the best lit room, you will need some kind of artificial lighting, depending on what tasks are being carried out.
    Where possible position your desk near a natural source of light, with some blinds included on the windows to block out those tricky periods of glare.

    A good source of natural lighting can boost productivity, reduce fatigue and increase levels of serotonin- making your feel happier.  

    If positioning your desk near a natural light source is not possible or getting adequate natural light is problematic due to your home layout, adding some additional lighting can really help. 

    Many secondary lighting options do not need to be just functional. They can be beautiful assets to the home and will add a stylish statement to your home. 

    The Type 75 Mini Table Lamp takes the original Type 75 design in a new direction. Simplified in scope, with greater articulation and range of movement within the shade, it is an ideal light for anywhere that a smaller, neater profile is preferred.

    Task Lighting-

    With the nights getting longer and natural light becoming more limited over the coming months. It's more important to think about some focussed task lighting for your home and working set up.

    What is task lighting?

    Task lighting is lighting that lights a particular area and makes the completion of a task easier, as opposed to ambient lighting that illuminates a general area, or mood lighting that illuminates for atmospheric or effect purposes.

    Similar to other ergonomic products, most task lights tend to be adjustable. They allow users to position or adjust lights according to one’s needs and preference.

    Focused task lighting is just that, light that can be or is focused towards an area that you carry out a specific task. The large majority of desk lamps are adjustable in some way, making it easy for you to point light in exactly the right direction or to exactly the right spot.

    Technology is moving forward and many secondary lighting options do not need to be restricted in their position by mains power outlet. 

    The 90 Mini Mini Desk Lamp is powered by USB for enhanced portability and has a dimmable integrated LED for focused light for up to 20,000 hours meaning you have the flexibility to move your lighting source with you wherever you should need it. 


    We hope this guide has been useful in helping to produce the right flow of light throughout your home and working space.







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