The Best Desks for you while working at home

For many years while working from home we would get by, by simply grabbing a chair and pulling it up to a corner of our dining table to carry out the days tasks.

Luckily things have now moved on and workers are realising the importance of creating a more thought out area which will help to develop concentration, productivity and will also provide many health benefits. 

Gone are the days when a desk is seen as just a desk and the functionality is developing to make even home working desks perform ergonomically and functionally as well as fit in with your lifestyle. 

The best desks for working from home are stylish, versatile, secure, customisable, durable and affordable. 

Below is a great selection of the best desks to suit everyone's needs each with unique benefits and functionality. 

SPACE SAVING  Are you short of space in your home and struggling to squeeze in a space to dedicate to your work. 

Pack your day away with the Hideaway wall desk!


We understand that multi-functional spaces need clever, thoughtful furniture solutions.  When space is at a premium, the Hideaway wall mounted desk allows you to work when needed and then pop everything away within the desk carcass once you’re finished.

A modern redesign of the traditional bureau, the Hideaway desk can fold down or be folded away depending on your needs. Once you’re finished working, Hideaway’s sleek design means that all of your work equipment can be tucked away along with the desk.

Hideaway features a light and USB port to help your workday flow smoothly. And with a steel finished back panel in the colour of your choice is fully customisable to suit your style.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE Height Adjustable Desk or Sit/Stand Desks have been reported to provide many health benefits to the user. Which include; lowering the risk of weight gain, lowering blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of heart disease, reduce back pain, improving mood and energy levels, and boost productivity.

They are a great option for people spending long periods of time at their desks.  



Sit/ Stand option from Orangebox offers Dual step, and is electrically height adjustable. The Spindle lifting system low energy consumption. 
Soft start & stop function. Automatic contact protection system.
Compatible with the Memory Master Controller.




DAS Henry Sit / Stand Desk is a great saving solution and those needing flexibility over where they work, measuring 90x60mm. Agile and compact Henry is a mobile table that also doubles as a whiteboard.




DESKS WITH SHELVING AND STORAGE- Make a statement with the outline desk with shelving from Bisley.

We provide the Outline, you do the rest.

Step away from traditional desking and display with Outline by Bisley - the beautiful office frame that lets you fill in the details. Ideal for establishing a distinctive workspace with a personal touch, Outline helps you shape your environment for a sleek minimalist look, so you can focus and stay on top of your workload in style.


A simple stylish folding desk. A practical full size desk that folds flat for convenient storage.


The side panels and top fold inwards in just three easy steps, without tools.
Pack away the day simply and effortlessly with this smart folding desk.
Adjustable feet for levelling

MULTl-FUNCTIONAL A desk which can be used as a stylish dining table as well as a perfectly functional desk while working at home. We love these stylish solutions as they allow a great working space which is a great asset to any home. 

AIR WorkstationAir 4 leg workstation is a stylish take on a classic desk.
Its beautiful and sleek leg design is inspired by the shape of an airplane wing.
The air table is a really versatile design making it a great multifunctional piece for use throughout the home not just for a functional workstation but for family dining too. 






The Salon Desk is a beautiful classic desk in Oak.  A timeless classic desk which is so stylish it can be used anywhere in your home.



The Gallery Home Office Desk creates the perfect space for the home that demands style. With its solid oak legs and veneered top the quality is assured and its adjustable feet, cable cut-out and soft close drawer ensure this beautiful study desk delivers on functionality too.


Investing in a workstation for your home office and home working set ups is something you will not regret. Check out many more options at




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