Routines and Healthy Balance when Working at Home

Try your very best to stick to a regular routine....

When working at home, working hours can merge very easily with your down time. There is a tendency to feel the need to be available all the time.

Even if your work doesn’t require it, try and begin and finish working around the same time each day. A routine such as a cup of coffee to signify the start of a working day and a walk around the block to finish the day can help to set boundaries.


For a lot of people the pandemic is forcing us into a long term work from home situation for the 1st time. And although many will see benefits from this, there are also down sides. Working at home full time can be very isolating. Make an effort to connect with your colleagues regularly. Try not to rely solely on email. Participate in virtual meetings and make regular video and phone calls to check in with colleagues throughout the day. These chats and meetings with be a real lifeline to keep everyone in touch and help bring a smile to your face!

Set up a dedicated work space...

We have talked about this before. It may not be possible to devote a whole room as a home office, especially as there may be more that one of you working from home. However, you should really try and find an area to set up a dedicated space to work. Having a ‘working zone’ can help you to focus and aid productivity. There are many space saving options which can allow you to work effectively without letting work take over your entire home.


Give yourself a break....

A proper one! Schedule in coffee breaks and a proper lunch break. Enjoy the whole break.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by emails or phone calls during this time. Move away from your desk to give yourself a change of scene.

Better still get outside for a walk. Getting some fresh air will really boost your mood and allow you to focus better when you get back to work.

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Get moving....

Set a reminder to move every 20 or 30 minutes to move. Grab a glass of water. Run up and down the stairs. Stretch. Anything to get your body moving a little

Try and incorporate some more movement during the day even while working. Standing up and moving during phone calls can help get the blood flowing throughout the day.

An adjustable desk can really help with this and will add some variation to your position throughout your day.


Make sure you get outside during the day every day. Ideally this would be a longer walk or some exercise but even a 5-minute walk about the block can really lift your mood.

Although small, making the effort to incorporate little changes can add up to a big positive change.

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