Top Tips on the perfect work from home space


Here are some Top Tips to aid productivity, minimise injury and keep you safe.  

Working from your dinging table is OK for a one off but with home working increasingly becoming the new normal it is more important to create a more effective permanent solution. If space is at a premium at home, it’s time to get creative to get the most out of your space.

If you don’t have access to a spare room which can be used for home working, you may have some dead space in your home. Under the stairs, an alcove or landing space can be repurposed for the perfect home office.

Everyone’s home working needs will be different but most of us will benefit from a desk. Choosing an ergonomically designed workstation will ensure you have adequate leg room for long periods of sitting. It also needs to be the correct size to accommodate everything you need for working effectively. For example, Paperwork, Laptop, and lighting.

Office Task chairs have a long list of benefits and can be a game changer in the world of ergonomics. A good quality task chair can increase productivity. Without the correct task chair, you may experience back and neck pain quickly which will lead to painful distractions making your mind wander. With a good task chair, you will not need to think much about the position of your back preventing injury pain and letting you focus on the important tasks of the day.

Don’t forget about lighting. Even if you have access to great natural light you will still need additional lighting for the darker hours of the day. Investing in additional task lighting will really help direct the correct amount of light to your working environment.

Organise your day and routine, take breaks and try to stick to regular hours. These may not be the same each day but try to maintain a healthy work like balance.

Try to get outside. Fresh air can really help with mental health and rejuvenate you to help you focus again when you are back at your desk.

Try to communicate well. Include video calls and phone calls with colleagues as well as emails. This will help you feel more connected and contact with other can be really beneficial in maintaining mental health and happiness.