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Luckily creating a home office or home working space does not mean dedicating a whole room as a place for you to be able to effectively work from home. Many of us are living in smaller spaces and it is simply not practical to give it up to working. 

However, with home working and agile working increasing becoming the norm it’s time to move away from the sofa or dining table and, create a more effective permanent solution. 

Let’s get creative!! Look around your home for any areas which you are not currently using or may even be seen as wasted space. Some suggestions for this may be an alcove, landing space, under the stairs or an area in front of the window. These can be ideal to set up a small but mighty home working area.

Although these areas may be small you can get really creative with the functionality.

Incorporate a small workstation, add shelving and a great functioning task chair for a productive organised set up.


Think dual purpose- many of our workstations such as the beautiful salon desk feature beautiful designs as well as great functionality so can be used for many other purposes, and you will be happy to see them anywhere in your home.

So where do you start? Arguably the most important element of creating your work space is a comfortable office chair. Making the right choice on which task chair to purchase can be daunting. There are so many out there with great benefits, that come in a hugely different price ranges it's important to chose the right one for you. Focus on functionality as well as style. Such as height adjustable seat, back and armrests. 


Find a workstation to fit your space. Feeling overcrowded when you are trying to work will not be comfortable and will be very distracting while you are trying to concentrate on the job in hand. 

If you are working with a small area, small multifunctional work spaces are a great solution. A bureau style flip down desk means using minimal space and has the advantage that everything can be tidied at the end of the day. Or a workstation which incudes shelves can help to organise your working area but can also allow the shelves to be styled with other items including plants to bring a much needed more homely feel to the area.











You may even decide a sit/stand desk is a better option for you. There are many health benefits associated with standing desks. Including reducing back pain, improving mood and energy levels, and it could boost productivity.











Don't just leave it there. For maximum workability think about adding functional accessories to your working area. These can make a huge difference. Whether it is a laptop stand, which can help to create the right set up to avoid neck strain and those painful and distracting shoulder and neck aches. Or introducing a dual monitor arm which studies have shown can increase productivity by up to 43%. This is especially relevant in todays working environment when the information we are taking in can seem to increase everyday!

Don't forget the lighting Even if you have access to great natural light you will still need additional lighting for the darker hours of the day. Investing in additional task lighting will really help direct the correct amount of light to your working environment.

So what else can we do to try to create a healthy working environment? One of the simplest yet very effective assets to any working space is to introduce some greenery.

Adding plants to your workspace can have a wide range of benefits including providing cleaner air, reducing sickness and increasing productivity. A few green plants will not only add a dash of colour to your office space but also increase happiness and reduce stress. 


Continuing research supports the benefits of working alongside houseplants, looking at the psychological and environmental impact lovely plants have on us. We really do feel better with a little greenery around us.